type of bandsaw

Types of band saws

Types of band saws

Last update: 7th June 2020

Besides benchtop band saw, there are 2 other variations that are sand-mounted band saw and standing band saw. Three types of them make band saw one of the most versatility for cutting materials, from light wood to ferrous metals.

Benchtop bandsaw

types of band saw

Benchtop bandsaw gives the portability that you can either fix it on a table or put it on the table in a limited space. The benchtop bandsaw is often light in weight, affordable, easy to use. It is intended for workshop owners, woodworkers, and hobbyists for cutting small objects. They are suitable for daily use and the price is very affordable. You can read our review of the best benchtop bandsaw to find out what unit is best for money or what model is best for quality.

Pros and cons of a benchtop bandsaw


  • This cutting machine offers a lot of advantages such as
  • Portability
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • However, they also have some limitations on cutting ability, such as resawing and lower power therefore it is intended for light use mostly.

Especially, there are some portable units that mimic the design and materials of a full-size version, such as Rikon 305 10 inch which resolve many of the above cutting ability.

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Stand mounted bandsaw

stand mounted bandsawStand mounted bandsaw is also a portable unit that can be placed on a table, with mounting required for many models. Similar to benchtop models, the stand mounted has parallel advantages and limitations. However, some people love this design over the other one and vice versa. Sometimes, both benchtop and stand mounted can be put into the same category that is portable bandsaw model.

Floor standing bandsaw

floor standing bandsawFloor standing bandsaw is those with bigger sizes that often have their own legs that can stand on the floor themselves. They have bigger sizes, bigger motor and better in cutting ability and less vibration. The floor standing bandsaw is an adorable cutting machine by serious woodworkers and professionals.

Pros and cons of floor standing bandsaw


  • The floor standing bands offers great cutting capacity and outperform in
  • Resawing
  • Cutting power
  • Stability and durability


  • On the downside, it is more expensive and also you need to understand a little bit about machine operation (such as tuning machine, tension track, machine maintenance). This is an essential tool for professionals


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