bandsaw troubleshooting

Troubleshooting bandsaw problems

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Last update: 4th July 2020

Playing with a bandsaw is a lot of fun. When using a bandsaw, you might sometimes have several issues such as blade breakage, dull blade, incorrect cutting (deflection blade)…but don’t be panic, here are a few tips that you can overcome these problems related to bandsaw use.

Blade breakage

bandsaw under 1000

Reason: the blade breakage can be due to incorrect blade tension (the blade is stretch to much so it break prematurely), incorrect blade (you install a blade that is not supported with your bandsaw), incorrect feeding rate (you feed so fast the your blade is unable to cut the material)…

Action: check for the blade tension before cutting. Then blade tension is the most common reason that makes your blade to break. Try to tight the blade tension lever and then pluck it as if it is a string and make sure to hear a clear sound, that is a signal of proper blade tension.

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Dull blade

Dull blade will cause a lot of trouble during cutting such as rough cut, deflection, unable to cut,…therefore you need to clean the blade or to replace a new blade

check this guy is sharpening his blade with a Dremel tool


Most of the classic benchtop bandsaw will be overheated at the blade blocking after a period of using time.


Overheating is often found in portable benchtop bandsaw where steel blocks are used. When there is too much heat on the blade, it can cause blade breakage or incorrect cutting.

Action: replace the steel block with cool block (which is available to buy), or you need to stop the bandsaw for a while after use.

Deflection blade

Ball bearings on both sides are used to guide the blade to cut accurately. However, when cutting thick materials, the blade can go left or right and cause the deflection which is the wood will have the top thicker than the bottom or vice versa. This will cause improper cutting results and you might need more efforts to do sanding or to cut again.

Action: check the ball bearings.

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