Teaming with 2-time Grammy-nominated Nashville songwriter of the year, Keith Follesé, and featuring the vocal talents of Nashville music artist Anna McElroy, C & B is proud to debut the beyond-catchy song Real Tractors Are Green.

Check out this brand new video of Nashville music artist Anna McElroy singing Real Tractors Are Green and join the #RealTractorsAreGreen movement by sharing your photos or videos with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Dependability only comes IN one color.

C & B Operations is proud to announce its newest proprietary initiative: Real Tractors Are Green. The initiative underlines what many of us have known for a while: if you’re looking for dependability in your agriculture equipment and machinery, it’s best to trust those dressed in nature’s favorite shade.

A song that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Find out how the partnership with C & B and Nashville music artist Anna McElroy started.

The message behind Real Tractors Are Green

Hear more about how the song Real Tractors Are Green was created, and how the anthem aligns with C & B’s values of distributing the most reliable machinery in farming.


Word that Real Tractors Are Green travels quick: people across the country are showing their appreciation for their favorite color of equipment. Look at where the word has spread, and use the hashtag to join the movement.

It's Greener on the other Side.

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