Grizzly G0555 Ultimate 14’’ bandsaw reviews

Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’ review


Last update: 6th June 2020

Grizzly G0555 Ultimate 14’’ bandsaw is perhaps the best 14’’ size benchtop bandsaw that you can find on the market at mid price range. This bandsaw from Grizzly was first appeared on 2006 and has received so many positive reviews from woodworkers nationwide. Except for heavy-duty performance, this saw has a bunch of special features that can’t be found anywhere else. Let’s discover details about this unit.

Construction of Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’

 Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate Bandsaw, 14-Inch reviews


The G0555 14’’ bandsaw is constructed for heavy-duty performance, therefore, Grizzly has used cast iron for the frame. Since it is heavy (199 lbs.) there are 4 cast aluminum wheels (with rubber tires) which will let you move the machine easier. Those wheels are balanced by computer so that the machine will be steady during running. The gauge stand is made of steel and the table is made with precision-ground cast iron.


You can use a variety of blade types since Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’ support 1/8-3/4 inch wide blade (92-1/2’’ to 93-1/2’’). The blade can run at 2 speeds (1500 and 3200 fpm). With blade and speed adjustments, you can basically cut a lot of materials from light wood to metal sheets and more.

Unlike another bandsaw where you might find challenging when you have to change the blade and calibrate the machine, this model has quick-blade release lever which is very useful for blade changing in case you need to change blade frequently.

Other equipment is upper and lower ball-bearing blade guides, deluxe extruded-aluminum fence, miter gauge, fence scale with a magnifying window and 4-inch dust port. They are all in good quality to satisfy with ISO 9001 standard.

Highlight parameter of Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’

Designed for heavy-duty tasks, you can find that this deluxe bandsaw has a lot of high-quality parameters

Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’ reviews

  • Ball bearing guides on upper and lower sides
  • Blade type: 92-1/2 to 93-1/2 inch (1/8 to 3/4 inch size) which can run at either 1500 or 3000 FPM. The bandsaw has a 3/8’’ 6TPI blade goes along in the package.
  • Equipment: deluxe fence, miter gauge, 4’’ dust port, quick release blade lever, fence scale with magnifying window for more accuracy
  • Motor: 1HP, 11 amps (110V) or 5.5 amps (at 220V)
  • Precision-ground cast iron table
  • Table size: 14 x 14’’, 45 degrees right, 15 degrees left
  • Throat: 13-1/2 inches
  • Max cutting height: 6 inches
  • Cast iron frame
  • Computer balanced cast aluminum wheels with rubber tires
  • Weight: 199 pounds

Benefits of the model

This bandsaw allows you to do the cutting, crosscutting bigger pieces of materials since it has a wide throat (13-1/2’’) and max cut (6’’). The ability to cut bigger things can only be done wit 14’’ bandsaw, not the smaller version (9’’ or 10’’ bandsaw can not cut at this size).

When resawing, this bandsaw handle hard wood very well at both feed rate and high feed rate too. This feature is superior because some 14’’ bandsaw model can find difficulty when resawing at high feed rate.

Accuracy resawing

Resaw is the most common use of 14’’ bandsaw and the difference between a good 14’’ bandsaw and a mid quality model will be observed here. When resawing thin pieces (for example 2’’), most of 14’’ bandsaw will cut without deflection. However, when resaw 6’’ wood, a good bandsaw will still be steady when cutting, but the mid-quality one will have deflection on either side.

Thanks to good ball bearings on both sides, this bandsaw resaws the wood perfectly. When testing with red oak (6’’ resaw test), Grizzly G0555 beats other rivals.

Understanding of Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’

Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’ is designed for heavy duty cutting task. This machine is made with cast iron, steel materials and they are calibrated with the computer so that it reserves the high accuracy level. There will be no missing part or things like that when buying this bandsaw. The bandsaw has optimized for cutting large pieces and thick materials while it still keeps the accuracy during cutting as if it is on auto pilot. The machine runs quietly, no vibrations and good cuts even using the cheap blade provided with the unit. The ability to do resaw thick wood with high accuracy and no deflection is observed when testing with red oak 6’’ (deflection is when the blade goes left or right, resulting a side is thicker one the other).

It could be said that at this price range it is the best one when comparing with other rivals (other brands, not with Grizzly’s other products because there are some 14’’ bandsaw from grizzly which is superior but they are more expensive)

 Rating of model

  • Price: 10/10
  • Performance: 10/10
  • Noise: 10/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Design: 10/10


Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’ is perhaps the best bandsaw at this price range. It shows outstanding performance when cutting thick wood at the highest accuracy level.

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