best chainsaw under $200

Best chainsaw under $200

Best chainsaw in 2019 that are under $200

Last update: 4th July 2020

This is the definitive guide to find a great chainsaw under your budget. Let’s discover top rated models without further ado.

If you are hurry? -? Check best chainsaw in 200 dollars list

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Years ago you might have to spend over $400 for a chainsaw but that is not the case now because you can pick a chainsaw at a cheaper price with sufficient power for cutting, trimming, tree-cutting and removing tree limbs jobs.


Most of the chainsaw at this affordable price can be divided into 3 types:

  • Light duty chainsaw (8-in to 16-in bar length)

The light duty chainsaw is best for trimming and light cutting activities, although you can use this type of chain saw for cutting a small tree or removing tree limbs. Beyond that, you might need to use a more powerful chainsaw.

  • Medium duty chainsaw (16-in to 18-in bar length)

Medium duty chainsaw is the most popular which can be used for the above activities, plus cutting a medium tree and storm clean-up. Medium duty chainsaw also has a good price that is very affordable.

  • Heavy duty chainsaw (18-in to 20-in bar length)

This type of chainsaw can perform all of the cutting activities from trimming, light cutting to firewood cutting or cutting the larger tree. It excels when doing medium tree cutting and storm clean up than the rest.

Power option: gas powered vs. Electric type

Gas-powered chainsaw gives you the power and maneuverability. There is quite a variety of gas powered chainsaw where you can find from light duty to heavy duty chainsaw with this type of engine.

The electric chainsaw is user-friendly which is easy to start with and you do not need a lot of maintenance as its counterpart, however, it has less power to perform more heavy tasks such as cutting a tree. The electric powered chainsaw is best for light cutting, trimming and other small cutting jobs. You can choose a corded version, which is light-weight but require a cord to run, or a cordless version which is heavier a bit (due to the battery), limited using time (based on the battery volume) but it is more versatile for maneuvering around.

Features needed in a chainsaw

Apart from two most important factors (size and power type), chainsaws are incorporated with a lot of features to improve the performance which you also should consider when choosing a chainsaw.

  • Anti-vibration: when cutting for a long time the vibration will be detrimental to your health. This feature will let you use the chainsaw more comfortable for a long time
  • Automatic oiler: this feature will do oiling the chain blade during cutting. This is an important feature allowing safe and efficient cutting
  • Chain brake for safe cutting, the chain will be deactivated when encountering an impact.
  • Spring assist starting: let you start the engine with less force ( found on gas-powered chainsaw)

Some other optional features that are commonly seen on chainsaws such as low-kickback bars and chains, tool-less chain adjustment, air cleaning and a carrying case

Best chainsaw under $200 in 2019: The top-rated list

NoModel & Brand
Zoom Photo + View Price
Bar length + TypeRemarkable benefits
1WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw16-Inch
14.5 Amp motor
Electric Chainsaw
“all-in-one” chainsaw at budget price
2WORX WG304.1 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw18-Inch
15.0 Amp
Electric Chainsaw
ergonomic design, a plenty of power, longer bar length
3BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10″10-Inch
Lithium Ion Chainsaw
cordless model
last for 150 cuts/ single charge
4BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 12″102-Inch
Lithium Ion Chainsaw
stronger battery (40V instead of 20V)
versatile, lightweight, maneuverable, easy-to-use and durable
5Remington RM1025SPS Ranger10-Inch
8-Amp Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw combo
Pole saw/chainsaw in a single product
the most popular choice
6GreenWorks 20292 G-MAX 40V12-Inch
Cordless Chainsaw
ultra-lightweight cordless chainsaw
7 BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw, 18-Inch 18-Inch
Corded Chainsaw
powerful cutting ability with a decent price
8Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw 18-Inch
15 amps
Corded Chainsaw
Self-sharping system
9WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16″16-Inch
12 amps
Corded Chainsaw
light-duty chainsaw

Best chainsaw under $200: Detail model reviews

1. WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw

best chainsaw under 200

This WORX 16-in chainsaw is a lightweight, electric chain saw model which is designed for medium duty activities. This chainsaw is best for first-time users thanks to its user-friendly and it is packed with full-features allowing easy cutting, trimming, cutting firewood and more. Since it is an electric model, users find it very easy to use and to handle. The WORX 16-in chainsaw has all of the advanced features including chain brake, automatic oiler, automatic chain tensioner, powerful motor (up to 3.5 HP, 14.5 amps), 16-in bar length and gas-free.

Highlighting parameter of WORX 16-in chainsaw

  • Bar Length: 16’’
  • Power Input: 14.5 Amps
  • Chain Speed: 12M/s- Chain Gauge: 0.05″
  • Machine Weight: 11 lbs.
  • 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Accessories: lubrication oil, blade protection cover, chain, and chain bar.

Pros and cons of WORX 16-in chainsaw


  • lightweight, powerful, strong chain
  • quiet when cutting (compared to the gas powered chainsaw)
  • easy to use, clean and ergonomic design
  • affordable


  • It is a corded version so it can limit your working space
  • No kick tip so you can’t do carving well

Final thought

If you are looking for an “all-in-one” chainsaw at budget price for starting with, WORX 16-in chainsaw is one of the best options that you can rely on upon without any hesitation.

2. WORX 18-Inch 15.0 Amp Electric Chainsaw 

best chainsaw under 200

The WORX 18-Inch 15.0 Amp Electric Chainsaw extends the bar length to 18 inches which can be an added value compared to the WORX 16’’ version. To elevate the cutting capacity, this chainsaw uses a stronger motor which can peak up 4HP at maximum, giving you the most robust electric tool to cut, trim, remove trees are other challenging cutting tasks. This chainsaw preserves all of the features that you find in WORX 16’’ chainsaw including chain brake, automatic oiler, automatic chain tensioner, powerful motor (up to 4HP, 15 amps), 18-in bar length and gas-free. With the same specs, longer cutting bar,  WORX 18-Inch chainsaw is a great cutting tool that you don’t want to miss.

Highlighting parameter of WORX 16-in chainsaw

  • Bar Length: 18 Inches
  • Power Input: 15 Amps
  • Chain Speed: 12M/s – Chain Gauge: 0.05″
  • Machine Weight: 11.2 lbs.
  • 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Accessories: lubrication oil, blade protection cover, chain, and chain bar.

Pros and cons of WORX 18-in chainsaw


  • lightweight, powerful
  • quiet when cutting (compared to the gas powered chainsaw)
  • easy to use, clean and ergonomic design
  • Affordable


  • It consumes considerable volume of oil (you should use denser oil with this model)

Final thought

WORX 18-in chainsaw adds a great product to WORX’s powered tools. Although this chainsaw uses somewhat much more oil for lubrication, it is a product that worthy to use for its ergonomic value and a plenty of power for cutting around your yard.

3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw

best chainsaw under 200

When you need to maneuver around for cutting dry wood or live logs, or simply want an ultra-lightweight chainsaw with powerful cutting capacity, this Black & Decker 20V chainsaw can be one of the greatest candidates. The chainsaw offers great maneuverability since it is cordless, super lightweight (7.2 pounds), support by 20V lithium ion battery which is capable of giving 150 cuts on a single charge and fade free performance. Besides, this chainsaw uses one of the best bars:10-inch Low-Kickback Oregon Bar which is designed for heavy duty cutting. Also, you can find a quite a lot of advanced features such as tool-less chain tension, automatic oiler and it is supported for 2 years warranty from famous brand Black and Decker.

Highlighting parameters of LCS1020 chainsaw

  • 20V Max Lithium Ion Battery – holds a charge up to 365 days
  • Fade Free Performance
  • Tool-Free Blade Tension System
  • Auto-Oiling System
  • 10-inch Cut Capacity
  • Lightweight 7.2 lbs.
  • 2-year warranty

Pros and cons of  LCS1020 chainsaw


  • Lightweight and powerful for a cordless design
  • Great maneuverability
  • Affordable


  • There a number of users experienced that the oiler does not work, otherwise it is a perfect cordless chainsaw.

Final thought

LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw is a cordless model that gives you a convenient and easy way to trim and cut live logs in your barn. It has a battery 20V which can last for 150 cuts. Remember that it is a cordless model with 10’’ bar with a decent power so if you need to do the more aggressive cutting, a corded chainsaw or gas powered chainsaw will be a better alternative, otherwise, this chainsaw is perfect for trimming twigs and other light cutting tasks.

4. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw

best chainsaw under 200

The LCS1240 40V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 12″ is a variation of cordless chainsaw 10’’ from Black and Decker, which uses a stronger battery (40V instead of 20V) and a longer bar (12 inches). While it retains all of the features similar to the 10’’ version, the bigger battery capacity allows you to do more cutting tasks at per charging time. Moreover, it is also a lightweight machine (only about 10.4 lbs) and supported with 3 years warranty from Black and Decker.

Highlighting features of LCS1240 12” chainsaw

  • 40V Max Lithium Ion Battery – holds a charge up to 18 months
  • Fade Free Performance
  • Tool-Free Blade Tension System
  • Auto-Oiling System
  • 12-inch Cut Capacity
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning
  • 12-inch Low-Kickback Oregon Bar and Chain
  • Auto Oiling Mechanism
  • Total weight: 10.4 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty.

Pros and cons of LCS1240 12” chainsaw


  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Great maneuverability
  • Packed with features which are useful for first-time users to cut easier


  • Oil consuming (seems a common issue with cordless chainsaw from Black and Decker)

Final thought

LCS1240 40V 12″ is a great cordless chainsaw which is recommended by hundreds of buyers. If this is the first time you are using a cordless chainsaw, this unit totally satisfies your cutting demand (versatile, lightweight, maneuverable, easy-to-use and durable). Despite it consumes somewhat more oils (this is a typical problem of most chainsaws), it is a small concern when counting all of the benefits that it brings about.

5. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo 

best chainsaw under 200

The greatest benefits of this RM1025SPS is that it can work as a pole saw when you need to cut hard-to-reach limbs and branches or to use as a powerful chainsaw. This unit can transform between a pole saw and a chainsaw without any tool. It is simple to use, lightweight (12.4 lbs), featuring a 8 amps motor and 10’’ bar. It would be a big missing if we don’t mention that this unit is very affordable. As a pole saw/chainsaw with medium power, it is recommended for users who need to trim tree limbs and to remove branches to up 15 feet (depending on your height).

Highlighting features of the unit

  • Pole saw/chainsaw in a single product that can be detachable without tools
  • Bar length: 10 inch
  • Motor power: 8 amps
  • Easy flip and clock clamps to secure pole length
  • Anti-rotation poles (made by aluminum)

Pros and cons of the model


  • Affordable and useful
  • Easy to use and lightweight


  • It will leak the oil when not in use and this is normal. You just need to remove the oil after use (the oil reservoir is small so it will take a blink to do this task)

Final thought

When you are thinking of a pole saw, this Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch 8-Amp Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo will be the best one and in fact, it is the most popular choice among other models. The pole saw is recommended when you need to trim the tree limbs in hard to reach position, not for doing heavy duty cutting such as cutting large trees.

6. GreenWorks 20292 G-MAX 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

GreenWorks 20292 12’’ is an ultra-lightweight cordless chainsaw which is only 6.0 lbs. In fact, this could be one of the lightest chainsaws that you can find on the market. Although it is very light, the GreenWorks 20292 12’’ has packed with great features for robust cutting ability such as a 12’’  Oregon steel bar chain, a 40V battery which can give you 75 cuts per single charge (4 x 4 wood), automatic oiling system and tool-less chain tensioning. The cordless chainsaw offers you an instant use which is very simple to start. If you are dealing with limbs and small trees cutting, then this little chainsaw can be a great companion. Last but not least, it is a bit more affordable than Black & Decker chainsaw (similar functions) which can be a good point if you are more cost conscious.

Highlighting features of GreenWorks 20292 G-MAX 40V

  • Suitable for cutting small trees, branches, and limbs
  • 40V li-Ion battery plus 2Ah battery and charger
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Automatic oiler
  • Weight: 6 lbs. (without battery)
  • Size: 8.1 x 26.4 x 11 in
  • Bar length: 12 inch

Pros and cons of  GreenWorks 20292 G-MAX 40V


  • Simple to use and powerful
  • Well design for tension control
  • Affordable price


  • The oil in oil reservoir will leak if not in use (a common issue of cordless chainsaw)

Final thought

When dealing with cutting small trees, a cordless chainsaw is more user-friendly for it higher maneuvering ability and simple to use. This GreenWorks 20292 12’’ has all of the required features and power, especially its price is very attractive. Despite the fact that the oil reservoir tends to leak when it is not in use, this can be a great choice in terms of price and value.

7. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw, 18-Inch 

best chainsaw under 200

CS1518 15-Amp chainsaw from Black and Decker is designed for medium-duty performance, featuring a 15 amp motor and an extended bar length (18 inches) which is useful for cutting medium-size trees in hard-to-reach place. It is a corded model which is easy to use and less maintenance compared to gas powered chainsaws. If you are working on trimming, landscaping, cutting trees (medium size) then this CS1518 15-Amp chainsaw is a perfect choice.

Highlighting features CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw

  • Motor power:15 amps
  • Bar length: 18’’ Oregon low-kick back bar and chain
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Automatic oiler
  • 2-year warranty from Black and Decker
  • Size: 20 x 10 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

Pros and Cons of CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw


  • Lightweight, well built and easy to use
  • Great blade and tool-less tensioning
  • Additional button to control the chainsaw to make it safer when running
  • Kick-back guard


  • Limited by the cord length

Final thought

CS1518 15-Amp chainsaw delivers powerful cutting ability with a decent price (under $100) which is a ready-to-buy machine whenever thinking of a chainsaw.

8. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw

best chainsaw under 200

The Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is an optimized machine for users who are not very mechanical to do the maintenance because this electric chainsaw features a self-sharping system. This in-built chain sharpening system will save your time to replace dull chain even during cutting. Besides, it has a lot of features for more convenience such as tool-free tensioning system, chain brake, low-kick back 18’’ bar and ergonomic design low vibration. One noticing downside is that it weighs 18 lbs. which require more strength to carry than Worx model (WG.304.1).

Highlighting features Oregon CS1500

  • Self-sharping system which is very exclusive
  • Motor power: 15 amps
  • Bar length: 18’’, low kick back type
  • Tool-free tensioning system
  • Chain brake
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • backed by 2-year consumer and 1-year professional warranty.

Pros and cons Oregon CS1500


  • Oregon chain is the best chain, which is used by not only Oregon brand but other rivals too
  • Exclusive chain-sharping system
  • Low-price


  • Less power than gas chainsaw

Final thought

Oregon CS1500 chainsaw has come with great quality and exclusive feature (chain sharping system) which will allow you to cut trees fairly well. It has an ergonomic design which reduces fatigue during use, less vibration and low-price compared to rivals. The in-built chain sharping system lets you cut continuously for a long time so you won’t be bothered with dull blade any longer.

9. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16″ 

best chainsaw under 200

If you are price-conscious, then you can’t miss the WEN 4017 chainsaw (16’’) which can be one of the best budget chainsaws for pruning and trimming trees. This model features a 12 amps motor,16’’ Oregon low kick back bar and other useful features such as automatic oiler, tool-less tensioning system, hand guard and extremely lightweight (10 lbs.) It is backed with a 2-year warranty from WEN, one of the most well-known brand for supplying high quality powered tools at an affordable price.

Highlighting features of WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16″

  • Motor power: 12 amps
  • Bar length: 16 inch
  • Auto-Oiling System
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning
  • Lightweight 10 lb Design
  • Two-Year Warranty

Pros and cons of WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16″


  • Low-price
  • Work great and has plenty of power


  • It is for light-duty cutting tasks mostly

Final thought

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16″ is a light-duty chainsaw for occasional cutting jobs. It is a cost effective machine and delivers great power for cutting small trees or trimming branches.

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