Bandsaw FAQs

Bandsaw definition

Bandsaw is one of the popular saw for cutting stock into pieces (resawing) and for cutting curved shape. It contains a looped blade running  around 2 wheels or more.

The use of bandsaw

A bandsaw is useful for cutting wood, nonferrous metals such as alumium, copper, ferrous metal and meat cutting. Depending on how you cut and what types of materials you are working on it will decide which type of bandsaw you can use. Read our bandsaw types to figure out the most common bandsaw designs.

Bandsaw safety

If this is the first time you cut things with a bandsaw, read our bandsaw operation procedure which include a checklist will help you to run it smoothly

Corded or cordless

Cordless bandsaw is a portable cutting machine that best for cutting metal rod, plastic conduit, petal pipe and likewise while corded bandsaw is mostly for cutting thicker materials.


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