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    Best chainsaw under 200

    How to pick a right chainsaw Last update: May, 2018 Before jumping to buy a chainsaw, you need to understand what features you need of a chainsaw and how you are likely to do the cutting jobs. This is the definitive guide that helps you to choose the best chain saw under $200. Skip the […]


      WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 10″ review

      The WEN 3962 10’’ bandsaw offers more customization for you to perform various types of cutting since it features 2-speed regime, a powerful motor (3.5 amps), bigger throat and max. Cutting depth, more blade choices compared the WEN 3960 9’’ model. It is a low-cost bandsaw yet very efficient for a workshop with limited space.


        Grizzly G0555 Ultimate bandsaw 14’’ review

        Grizzly G0555 Ultimate 14’’ bandsaw is perhaps the best 14’’ size benchtop bandsaw that you can find on the market at this price range (about $500-$600 range). This bandsaw from Grizzly was first appeared on 2006 and has received so many positive reviews from woodworkers nationwide. Except for heavy-duty performance, this saw has a bunch of special features that can’t be found anywhere else.


          Ryobi 9-Inch Band Saw Review

          Ryobi 9’’ bandsaw is a common portable bandsaw for the money with sufficient features. This portable bandsaw is recommended for beginners, DIY projects or workshop with limited space. At a decent price, you can perform most of cutting styles with light materials with ease. Let’s talk about the detailed construction and benefits of this bandsaw, and compare it against other rivals


            Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch reviews

            The Rikon 10’’ bandsaw is one of the notch-top models which has advanced features to meet the most accurate cutting you might want. With the aim to give an accurate cutting machine which can last for years, this Rikon model is built with the quality of a full-size model. Therefore, it is the ultimate 10’’ bandsaw that you can find on the market. Now let’s discuss details of this unit.


              Craftsman 1/3 hp 3.5 amp 10” band saw

              The Craftsman 10’’ bandsaw features a 3.5 motor, solid steel frame, cast iron table which is very efficient in cutting light wood, hard wood, and other materials. The solid construction makes this bandsaw more durable than rivals. Importantly, it has been on the market for years with a long tracking record, showing it a reliable tool for lots of users. Lets dive into details of this classic band saw from Craftsman.


                WEN 3960 2.8-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw Reviews

                WEN 3960 is one of the greatest benchtop bandsaw (9-inch type) at an affordable price. Compared to other rivals, WEN 3960 model has several features that separate it from the crowds such as bigger motor power (2.8 amps vs 2.5 amps), ball bearings to reduce vibration, fast release blade system for quick change of blade. Let’s discover this low-cost saw and find out why people loving it so much.


                  Best benchtop bandsaw

                  While choosing a suitable saw for home woodworking projects, benchtop bandsaw is not the first choice of many hobbyists but in fact it is the most versatile saw for you to play around. Benchtop band saw is a common band saw which has a long and sharp blade stretched between 2 wheels (or more) to cut timber in irregular shape. For example, you can create decorative moulding, guitar case, or to crosscut the timber into pieces. Besides, with a benchtop band saw, you can also do resawing, ripping the timber to have thinner pieces. Apart from woodworking, you can even cut the metal, ceramics,..with bandsaw by using an appropriate blade. The benchtop bandsaw now is constructed with a better design which can give equate to other full-size saws.